Twit Your Pic is the new Flick Your Bic

June 30th, 2010 § 7 comments § permalink

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard me vent and rant about people who use Tweetphoto. It’s set as the default image hosting app for ÜberTwitter, so I know why people use it, but what they don’t know is why they shouldn’t: Tweetphoto is incredibly ugly and painfully slow.

When someone posts a Twitpic and I view their tweet on Tweetie 2 Twitter for iPhone it gives a nice little preview:

When I click on the image, the preview then quickly loads into the full image, as seen below:

With Tweetphoto on the other hand, you can see there is no preview:

And as it takes ages to load, most of the time looks like this:

Finally when it has loaded, it’s not within the app, but it has loaded on an extremely cluttered and ugly page. It doesn’t even have a zoom placed on the photo:

iPhone Users: To change from the default YFrog, go to Settings -> Services -> Image Service and change it to whatever you wish! Just as long as it’s not TWEETPHOTO.

My love for Twitpic has recently been challenged upon news that they have closed off their service to Posterous and called a lawsuit in attempt to stop Posterous from poaching their users. Now, I have never been a big Posterous user, but when I am a big promoter of open source and an open web, so when I heard this news, my first instinct was to get all my pictures off Twitpic as soon as possible. Or, at least back them up. I don’t like the idea of a company telling me what I can and cannot do with my pictures, especially when it comes to mass importing them elsewhere. After seeing Posterous’ case for switching, I don’t see how I can’t not.

I recently download the PicPosterous iPhone App and I am in LOVE. It’s a quick and seamless way to get my photos into albums and onto the web, completely pain (and time) free. I highly recommend the app.

I don’t feel comfortable enough yet to fully switch over to Posterous until I’m sure I can bring my TwitPics with me. I will be watching this case closely, in hopes that Twitpic realizes it’s verging on the side of draconian and ease up. Until then, remember: ANYTHING is better than TweetPhoto.